Da’an City is located on the eastern border of the Kerqin Grassland in the northwest part of Baicheng, Jilin Province. The region lies between the Greater Khingan Range and the Changbai Mountains, serving as a southwest airflow corridor. With its flat terrain and a relative elevation difference of over ten meters, it is one of the areas in Jilin Province with abundant wind energy resources. The LeSheng Wind Farm is situated in LeSheng Township, Da’an City, covering an area of approximately 9.6155 hectares. The wind farm predominantly occupies degraded forests, grasslands, and cultivated land, featuring a flat and open terrain, convenient transportation, and favorable construction conditions, making it suitable for the establishment of a large-scale wind farm.



Recently, Prostar Power Supply’s UPS system was deployed in the LeSheng Wind Farm to ensure the reliable operation of its power system.


Wind energy, as a clean and renewable energy source, has been increasingly utilized. China boasts abundant wind energy resources, and in recent years, the government has actively supported the wind power industry through favorable policies. However, the instability and intermittency of wind energy pose significant challenges to its utilization. To better integrate wind power into the grid, technological breakthroughs are required, particularly in the critical component of wind power generation—the wind power inverter. Equipping the wind power inverter with an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is essential to enable continuous operation during voltage fluctuations.


The application of Prostar Power Supply’s UPS system in the LeSheng Wind Farm is a dedicated online uninterruptible power supply system designed for core equipment in power systems, such as DCS distributed control systems, monitoring systems, automation instruments, dispatch communication systems, and microcomputer systems. This UPS system utilizes high-frequency carrier technology and IGBT power devices to precisely control various operational parameters, providing high-quality and reliable AC power to precision equipment.



The power-specific UPS system, together with the power DC operation power supply system, forms a dedicated uninterruptible power supply for power plants and substations, supplying power to microcomputers, communication systems, carrier systems, emergency lighting, and other equipment that cannot experience power outages. Power plants or substations often have 110V/220V DC panels, which directly supply power to the inverter power supply from the DC panel, eliminating the need for separate battery sets as required by conventional UPS systems. This avoids redundant investments in batteries, reduces system maintenance, and lowers operating costs, making it highly competitive in the market.



Application Product


FEPS-BX Series Hybrid Emergency Power Supply for Power/Lighting 2.2kW-110kW (Three Phase)


Features Introduction


● CPU control, pure sine wave output
● Intelligent module used for balanced and stable output
● Suitable for inductive loads and mixed loads
● Supports fire linkage and intelligent monitoring/fire control via RS232
● LCD and LED display, with audible and visual alarms for easy maintenance
● Noise-free, smoke-free, environmentally friendly, and fire hazard-free
● Automatic switching for unmanned operation
● Energy-saving, minimal power consumption during non-emergency power supply
● Stable performance, safety, reliability, and long lifespan
● Lower comprehensive cost and better cost-effectiveness compared to generator sets
● Ensures stable lighting, reliable operation, and easy maintenance

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