Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

For many years, Prostar has always adhered to environmental protection and energy conservation as important aspects of its sustainable development strategy. We focus on fulfilling our corporate environmental protection responsibilities, guided by a scientific development perspective. We are dedicated to exploring sustainable energy solutions that are beneficial to the environment, promoting green energy-saving new energy worldwide, enhancing our ability for independent innovation, establishing a long-term mechanism for safe, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving practices, and building a harmonious enterprise. In this process, we have taken measures such as improving industrial performance, using clean energy and environmentally friendly materials, adopting advanced technology and equipment, improving management, and comprehensive utilization, to reduce pollution at the source, improve resource utilization efficiency, increase output, and reduce or avoid the generation and emission of pollutants during the production, service, and product use process. We promote clean production and have implemented full-process pollution control and continuous improvement. We strictly organize production according to the ISO9001 quality management system, control the production process, and strengthen product quality control; based on ISO14000, we further improve the environmental management system, strengthen pollution treatment and control during production and construction, comprehensively promote clean production, with the efficient use of resources and circular economy as the core, aim to reduce the consumption of natural resources, improve resource productivity, vigorously develop the circular economy, and achieve sustainable development.

Public Relations and Social Welfare

Public Relations and Social Welfare

Prostar is committed to becoming an excellent provider of power solution.

Guided by this vision, we will not be satisfied with existing achievements and will actively face the intensifying market competition and global challenges. We will continuously improve in areas such as marketing, R&D, quality, service, and management, continue to maintain the expansion in domestic market segments, and actively compete for the international market with our partners.