Prostar is dedicated to developing green, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient power supply products. With a thorough understanding of the industry, Prostar has demonstrated proactive judgment and foresight, leveraging its domestic and international business support to actively diversify its operations across multiple fields. This approach aims to foster mutual growth and achieve win-win situations with more partners.

Currently, Prostar business sectors cover photovoltaics, solar power generation, household power supplies, industrial power supplies, fire protection power supplies, electric power supplies, medical power supplies, communication power supplies, military power supplies, lighting power supplies, and vehicle power supplies. Moreover, Prostar has the professional capabilities to develop and provide solutions for these power supply areas. Prostar is now actively exploring the field of renewable energy generation, vigorously developing photovoltaic solar power generation, wind power generation, and other renewable, recyclable green energy businesses. We hope that Prostar will receive strong support from all sectors of society as we strive for excellence and aim to create brilliance.