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Guangdong Prostar New Energy Technology Co.,Ltdwas established in 1998. Prostar is the manufacturer of designing and producing Online UPS, Solar inverter, Solar Module, Solar System, Lithium Battery Storage System and VRLA Maintenance-free Battery. After decades of efforts, Prostar power supply products and batteries have been widely used in financial, telecommunications, electricity, petrochemicals, finance and taxation system etc. Prostar company spirit of“professional and sincere attitude, building a world-class quality” as the own duty, and adhere to continuous learning and innovative spirit,Prostar is climbing a new peak in the career. Guangdong Prostar New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd has many experienced engineers and technicians, all of them with full professional and technical training and examination. Prostar passed the international ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, RoHS, TLC International Certification Network of IQnet certification( more than thirty members of the world). Prostar giving customers great confidence with strict and careful quality management.Prostar products have been exportingto Europe and America, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions for years.

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Prostar Low Frequency UPS Empowers Qingyuan Tianci Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. to Establish an Intelligent Laboratory for the Production of 185,000 Tons of Daily Chemical New Materials

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Company News

Slight Cold | From extreme cold, the heart turns towards warmth, and all things are eager for renewal

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Common problem

Prevent UPS power from condensation and moisture

Dew condensation refers to the phenomenon that when the indoor temperature drops suddenly due to the intrusion of cold air, or when the outdoor hot air intrudes into the indoor, it will also condense into dew and emerge on the surface of equipment and its parts in the form of dew. It will damp the equipment and reduce the insulation performance, which will easily cause short circuit; At the same time, it may also cause corrosion and rust of connectors between UPS power supply and other equipment, electrical connection screws, element pins, hoes, solder joints, etc., thus causing poor contact and affecting the stable operation of the entire equipment.

UPS is the English abbreviation of Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Many people believe that the mains power we use is continuous and stable, except for the occasional power outage. In fact, as a public power grid, the municipal power system connects thousands of various loads, among which some large inductive, capacitive, switching power and other loads not only obtain power from the grid, but also in turn affect the grid itself, deteriorate the power supply quality of the grid or local grids, and cause the distortion of the voltage waveform or frequency drift of the municipal power.

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