Medical Health

With the progression of medical informatization, the flourishing of smart healthcare is evident as an increasing number of hospitals expedite the implementation of holistic development based on information technology platforms to enhance their service quality and core competitiveness. The landscape of medical technology is witnessing rapid advancements, with a substantial influx of digitized, precise medical equipment being deployed. Simultaneously, the digitization of medical records and relevant information is transitioning towards a paperless approach, securely stored within information systems. As a life-saving facility, hospitals impose stringent demands on the continuous and dependable power supply for their equipment, which necessitates uninterrupted operation. The employment of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems has become paramount in safeguarding vital hospital apparatus.

Solution Characteristics

Simple Operation

For medical data center operators, equipment operation and maintenance must be relatively simple and convenient to effectively avoid or reduce misoperations and their potential consequences.

Easy Installation

To adapt to the development characteristics of the new era and the medical industry, Prostar UPS equipment supports modularization and direct parallelism in data center construction and future development processes. This approach reduces reliance on real-time data exchange between systems while minimizing faults, enhancing performance, and simplifying functions and design.

Industry Customization

The usage cost and operational instability of medical informatization systems are growing daily, challenging not only the safety and reliability of data but also facing difficulties in future system expansion. Therefore, Prostar UPS power solutions specifically for the medical and health industry, considering medical loads, usage environment, and characteristics. This customization reduces fault points, extends battery life, and lowers the system’s total lifecycle usage cost while supporting the sustainable development of data centers.

Scope of Application

Surgical suites, Intensive Care Units (ICUs), Hemodialysis facilities
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), Angiography X-ray (AX), Cardiovascular (CV), Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA), Digital Radiography (DR) equipment
Clinical laboratory departments, Automated Biochemical Analyzers
Surveillance Information Centers


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