Electric Power Generation Solutions and Cases

Power plants are highly automated special production enterprises, with automated production equipment relying on the safe and stable operation of power supply systems. In modern power plants with large-capacity generating units, the DCS control system for generators, including various thermal automation devices such as automatic regulating assembly instruments, turbine electro-hydraulic digital adjustment devices, boiler interlocks and safety monitoring systems (FSSS), turbine monitoring instruments (TSI), and coordinated control systems (CCS), all require a reliable power supply. This power supply should not be interrupted, whether during the interruption of the unit’s own in-plant power or during grid failures. This necessitates not only an emergency backup power supply that can safely shut down the large-capacity unit but also an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that provides high-quality power for control, monitoring devices, and post-accident status parameter recording devices without interruption.

Solution Characteristics

Industry Customization

Prostar offers tailor-made power-specialized UPS systems for the power industry, adapting to the harsh grid environment within the industry. These UPS systems satisfy the high-quality and reliability demands of loads such as DCS distributed control systems, monitoring systems, automated instrumentation, dispatch communication systems, and microcomputer systems in power plants, substations, and other power systems. They also relieve users from concerns about three-phase load imbalances.

Cost Saving

By fully utilizing the power industry’s large-capacity 220V/110V battery packs, UPS backup time can be significantly extended, saving installation space and initial investment for battery packs.

Real-Time Monitoring

Rich dry contact monitoring signals can be integrated into the power plant’s own DCS monitoring system, reporting issues in a timely manner, enabling real-time monitoring of the power UPS system by on-duty personnel.

Redundant Parallel

The 1+1 redundant parallel working mode adds another layer of security to the power supply system, meeting the extreme needs of power industry users for high UPS reliability indicators.

Scope of Application

Power Plants
DCS Control Systems
Office Automation


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