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Manufacturing facilities often experience complex power supply conditions, particularly due to the diverse range of loads, from IT equipment to manufacturing machinery, each with unique power demands. As the variety and number of production devices grow, power supply issues such as sudden outages, instantaneous under-voltage, over-voltage, waveform distortion, and frequency fluctuations can result in wasted investments and equipment damage, causing financial losses for businesses. Consequently, numerous industrial production machines are equipped with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. Prostar low frequency online UPS solutions are specifically designed for the unique demands of industrial applications, boasting high stability, high reliability, and extraordinary overload resilience. These UPS systems tackle challenges posed by harsh physical environments, complex electrical conditions, and elevated load capacity requirements, while simultaneously incorporating user-friendly management capabilities to deliver dependable power protection for users.

Solution Characteristics


In the industrial sector, operational continuity is of paramount importance. Power supplies for automated production lines and control systems must not be interrupted or fail. Prostar low frequency online UPS uses international brand key components and increases redundancy in functional units to enhance the system’s impact resistance. In terms of production process, more stringent shielding measures are applied to logic and communication circuits. Output isolation transformers are configured to improve the system’s electrical isolation performance, and various protective switches, such as built-in battery protection switches, input/output switches, static and maintenance bypass switches, are included.


Prostar low freqyect UPS supports up to 8 parallel redundant units, allowing for system expansion directly in parallel with the original system as the customer’s business grows and load increases.


Industrial production environments are generally harsh, with factors such as dust, acid mist, extreme temperatures, and dry or humid conditions placing higher environmental adaptation demands on power supply equipment in distribution systems. With over twenty years of experience in the UPS industry, Prostar offers single-input, single-output, three-input, single-output, and three-phase input and output low frequency UPS power products for the manufacturing industry, easily addressing the aforementioned challenging conditions.

Industry Customization

Prostar offers customized solutions tailored to the manufacturing industry’s specific needs and high safety requirements. To better accommodate the requirements of end devices and systems, Prostar can provide customized UPS power solutions suitable for different manufacturing equipment, meeting their unique power protection needs.

Scope of Application

Control equipment
Power equipment
Industrial production lines
Information centers


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