Broadcast Television

Broadcast and television entities include various central television and radio broadcast centers, provincial and municipal broadcast and television centers, television station supervision and command centers, and radio and television media centers. The main processes include: shooting, recording, monitoring, acquisition, editing, broadcasting, management, and storage. The level of informatization is high, and with the development of science and technology, the technical systems for the production, broadcasting, transmission, and coverage of radio and television programs are becoming increasingly complex, with more equipment configurations and more broadcasting tasks. This puts higher demands on the stable operation and safety of the system. A safe, stable, and reliable power protection system is extremely important for both production and transmission systems, supporting the operation of various broadcasting and television systems.

Solution Characteristics

Safety and Reliability

A safe, stable, and reliable power protection system is crucial for both production and transmission systems, providing strong support for the operation of various broadcasting and television systems. Ensuring the safe, stable, and reliable operation of the broadcasting and television power protection system guarantees the normal operation of all systems, both in daily operations and during emergencies.

Cost Savings

The power supply for the central computer room is an essential guarantee for the normal operation of daily broadcasting and television work. The industry requires extremely high reliability for power supplies and frequent expansions. To ensure adequate backup time, generators and utility power are used together as the main power input. To ensure that critical loads are not affected by issues like battery or internal module system failures, Prostar industrial UPS adopts an industrial modular structure design, featuring N+1 or N+X redundancy for parallel or capacity expansion. Up to 8 units can be paralleled, significantly reducing initial purchasing costs and later expansion costs for users.

Multi-functional Protection

The cable television front-end is the heart of the system, and to ensure its stable operation, a UPS uninterrupted power supply is essential. UPS power supply can mitigate the damage caused to front-end equipment by poor utility power quality, such as power outages, voltage sags, power surges, amplitude oscillations, power interference, power impulses, power fluctuations, switching transients, and harmonic distortion.

Industry Customization

Prostar has tailored specialized UPS power solutions for the broadcasting and television industry, providing power protection for data centers, cable, ground, live satellite, and network equipment servers. This effectively improves the power supply quality in television broadcast control rooms, prevents AC power outages, enhances the safety and reliability of digital broadcast control systems, and ensures the secure and high-quality broadcasting and transmission of radio and television programs.

Scope of Application

Live Broadcasting Room
Large-scale Live Event Equipment
Emergency Lighting
Data Center


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