Hujiayuan Residential Community, as a typical residential area in Nanchang City, provides a safe and comfortable living environment for its residents. Ensuring the fire safety of the community, particularly upgrading the power supply for the fire system, is of paramount importance. Prostar EPS Fire Power Supplies have earned the trust of the project through their technical expertise and professional capabilities, delivering comprehensive power upgrade services for the community’s fire system.



Prostar EPS Fire Power Supplies employ high-quality batteries and intelligent control systems, guaranteeing the smooth operation of the fire system under any circumstances. In the event of a power outage, these power supplies exhibit fast startup, energy efficiency, and intelligent monitoring capabilities, meeting the fire system’s requirements for power stability and safety. Throughout the project implementation, Prostar EPS Fire Power Supplies provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales services, ensuring the long-term stability and efficient operation of the power system. Furthermore, Prostar EPS Fire Power Supplies offer inspection and maintenance services for the community’s fire system, ensuring its long-term stability and safe operation.


This deployment of Prostar EPS Fire Power Supplies has provided reliable power assurance for the fire system of Hujiayuan Residential Community in Jiangxi, offering comprehensive protection for the community’s fire safety. Additionally, Prostar EPS Fire Power Supplies will continue to strive in delivering more reliable, efficient, and secure power solutions, safeguarding the operational needs of their customers.




Application Product


FEPS-BX Series Emergency Power Supply for Fire Lighting 0.5kW-15kW (Single Phase)


Features Introduction


● Adopts centralized power supply mode, no special lamps required
● Sinusoidal wave output during emergency power supply, with voltage and frequency stability and no noise
● Supports fire linkage control and computer monitoring
● LCD and LED display for clear visibility
● Dual power automatic switching for high reliability
● Utilizes single-chip microcontroller control to ensure accurate operation points
● Simple design for convenient installation
● Low comprehensive cost and cost-saving investment
● Long lifespan, with the main unit lasting over 15 years
● Maintenance-free batteries, can be used for 300-500 cycles
● Automatic switching for unmanned operation
● Ensures stable lighting, reliable operation, and easy maintenance

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